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What is the best set up to run Mayhems Aurora for long periods ?
Last updated a year ago

Mayhems Aurora is a fickle product at best and each and every system will be different but there are some very basic things that can aid in making Mayhems Aurora run for very long periods of time. What you first need to understand is the issues that cause Mayhems Aurora to hide.

Mayhems Aurora incorporates some very tiny fragments of particles that are coated to help keep them in suspension when the fluid is moving. This is very important to understand that the better the flow the better the Mayhems Aurora works. Allowing such things as dead spots will cause the Aurora to accumulate and gather in dead spots such as bay reservoirs which do not have good flow though put. Aurora is so small it can get trapped by misaligned blocks or tiny gaps in radiators that have not been folded correctly internally or even misaligned fittings.

Other things such as not cleaning a system out correctly before use can have a drastic effect on Aurora such as sticky residue left from radiator manufacturing. So its very important to make sure your system is in tip top shape before use. Using Mayhems Blitz Pro Cleaning system can help reduce any of these effects.

We at Mayhems recommend only utilisation of a simple system such as 1 water cooling block, 1 Rad, 1 Tube reservoir and 1 pump. The simpler the better. The best pumps to use is the lang D5 pump, If you are luckily enough to have a variable version set it around four or five.

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