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Will Mayhems Dyes stain my liquid cooling system ?
Last updated a year ago

There are several components in a system that can be stained depending on what colour fluids you use, what temperature you reach internally and tubing you use. Soft tubing and PETG tubing suck up the most dye how ever products such as E22 Ultra clear hard acrylic tube or Mayhems Glass tubing do not.

If you drop dye on a carpet do not wipe it up. as this will only spread the dye further Simply dab the stain up and seek professional help from a carpet doctor. Some dyes will stain wood tops. Mayhems Dyes are extremely strong so use with care. If you need to know what is in the dye Please down load our MSDS / SDS sheet from HERE

Which colours stain

Dye Name Staining Ability
Mayhems Blue (formally Deep Blue) Medium to Low
Mayhems Deep Red Medium
Mayhems Emerald Green Medium
Mayhems Ocean Blue Low
Mayhems Orange Medium
Mayhems Purple Medium To High
Mayhems Red Medium
Mayhems UV Clear Blue None (not a dye)
Mayhems UV Green Medium to Low
Mayhems UV Laser Green Medium to Low
Mayhems UV Pink Extremely High
Mayhems UV Yellow Green Medium to Low
Mayhems Yellow Medium to Low

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