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My Pastel Coolant has changed colour ?
Last updated a year ago

When a coolant such as Mayhems Pastel Yellow, Orange or Red changes colour this is down to the way the system has either not been cleaned, Not cleaned correctly or there maybe is a high heat issue.

Below is more information that may aid in solving the issue.

Correct Pre-Cleaning and Maintenance of a liquid cooled computer

Mayhems highly recommends that you use the Mayhems Blitz Pro Cleaning system to pre-clean all copper and brass parts in your system. The Mayhems Blitz pro cleaning system will clean your loop better than new and will also PH balance your loop.

High Heat Issue

Some times when you have a high heat load such as Multiple GPU ( Crossfire / SLI ) this may cause an issue if you do not have sufficient cooling. The liquid heats up very quickly and then as it passes through Copper Blocks & Radiators tends to cause the copper to release impurities into the fluid at a faster rate - this is Green/Blue in colour).

Blue / Green copper impurities + Yellow dye = Brown Coolant
Blue / Green copper impurities + Orange dye = Deep Brownish Orange
Blue / Green copper impurities + Red = Deep Dark Red eventually turning Brown

The coolant is actually working as it is supposed to, as the coolant is not only designed to stop any bacterial growth and algae in the system but also picks up and suspends the impurities in the fluid. The more impurities it picks up on light colour fluid the more prominent the change in the coloured fluid. This proves how effective Mayhems Pastel coolants are at doing there job.

Running Blue, Purple, White and Green pastel fluids also have the same reaction how ever it is not as noticeable and you do not see the colour change as much.

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